49228 Western 7636K-1 Fisher 2 Way Valve Cartridge 30 with Jam Nut - Aftermarket $44.76
66785 Western Fisher Pilot Check Valve Kit - OEM $89.70

275 in stock



275 in stock

Aftermarket Western Fisher 2 Way Valve Cartridge # 20 with Jam Nut 2-Way (Lower, S1)

Used on Western SEHP Unimounts, Heavyweight Suburbanite, Defender, HTS, Pro Plus, Pro, MVP Plus, MVP3, WideOut, Prodigy UTV Straight blade plows.

Used on Fisher SEHP, EZ-V, Homesteader, Xtreme V, XV2, HS, LD, RD, HD, SD, MC, HD2, HT, HDX, XLS, XBlade and UTV Straight plows.

Alternate Part Numbers: 49227, W49227, SNP5326, 1306345, SV08-2004, 7634, 7634K, 7634K-2, 49690, B60058

Weight 0.24 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1.25 × 1.25 in

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