It’s time to dig into the details—those boring legal texts found on nearly all websites! While a trusty handshake may have done the job in ye olden days, nowadays companies need a Privacy Policy as well. Unfortunately, it goes without saying: No one exactly jumps for joy when their responsibilities include plowing through legalese! We get it; we sure don’t include this stuff for funsies… but here they are anyways

Our Commitment to Privacy:

Your privacy is important to us, which is why we’re committed to protecting it. We at PPW Distributors “AKA” Professional Parts Warehouse understand the necessity of having your private information kept secure, so in an effort to ensure this, we’ve provided you with a comprehensive notice outlining our online information practices.

Communication to Serve You:

At Professional Parts Warehouse, we take great pride in providing our customers with exceptional customer service. Therefore, if you have entrusted us with your contact information, e.g., by registering a profile on our website, emailing our Customer Service department or placing an order, we’ll make sure you’re up to date on all the latest news regarding the site and that any requests you may have are taken care of expediently.
For example, everyone that registers an account with us will receive a friendly email reassuring them all details of their order have been taken verified. Oh — and don’t be a stranger — drop us a line anytime about anything and our friendly and professional customer service team will be sure to assist you as quickly as possible!

Catalog Mailing List:

We keep all Professional Parts Warehouse Catalog info completely hush-hush: no third parties here. But you should expect to receive some mail from us here and then. Nothing over the top, just an occasional updated catalog or flyer, if you’d like. If that’s not your cup of tea, just email us at with your name, mailing address & email address–we’ll make sure any future messages stay out of sight!

Fraud Protection and Compliance with Law:

As steadfast guardians of the data our customers entrust to us, we may, in our trusty discretion, make decisions about when it’s necessary for us to fess up. Whether it’s to satisfy an applicable law or not, we might be required to dish the insider intel from time to time. Especially in regards to services related to credit fraud protection and risk reduction.

Service Providers:

We understand that in order to stay true to our Privacy Policy, dealing with trusted partners is an absolute must. It’s no secret; even we don’t have the magical powers of being everywhere at once! To delegate specific tasks and get additional support we turn to the pros: web hosts, fulfillment companies (because shipping can be tricky), data analysts, and email providers. We care deeply about your privacy, so these third parties won’t have access to personal info beyond what’s needed to do their job. After all, they’re not allowed to do anything except the task we assigned…no snooping around!

Cookies, IP Address, Pixel Tags and Tracking Technology:

Are you a returning user? If so, welcome back! We may be baking something special to enhance your experience: a “cookie”. A cookie is a little piece of data that enables us to track and tailor your preferences. This amazing morsel of virtual sustenance will stick around on your computer’s hard drive until you decide it has outlived its usefulness. We may provide a temporary (edibly referred to as “session” cookies) to make shopping even easier. But don’t worry, these will automatically perish once an order is o’er (Just a Fancy word for Over). Furthermore, if cookies are not your flavor, you might instruct your browser to serve warnings when tasty ones are about. But rest assured that even without accepting our baked goodness you can still use the site — albeit (Another one of those Fancy words for although) being limited with some of the features offered for utmost security and head prevention.  Munch responsibly, friends!

Gathering demographic information can serve many purposes. We may use IP addresses to analyze trends, administer the Site, and track traffic patterns. This data can be combined with your personally identifiable information too! It’s all in the name of credit fraud protection while simultaneously reducing our overall risk levels. Keepin’ everyone safe and sound… that’s our motto!

Have you ever visited a website and been blown away by the personalized features? We’ve got a little secret to tell you — pixel tags (or as we like to call them, “clear” gifs) are lurking around every corner. Tracking links and similar technologies also help keep an eye on which pages you view so that we can offer an even more engaging experience to match your own taste. But wait — there’s more! This technology also assists us in detecting what type of emails Your Browser likes, sending an additional thumbs up out towards it. All of this fuss just to allows us the ability to personalize your experience in buying stuff from us, yep that’s how much we care about you! does recognize your Internet Service Provider (ISP), however, we can’t tell that it’s you! If you decide to make an on-line purchase, don’t worry. We will collect information such as sales statistics and traffic patterns, but all these details are kept top secret between us and you. Your confidential information is completely secure with us – we take your shopping experience very seriously!

Use of Aggregate Information:

We get tons of useful data from hanging out with you on our website! Every clue helps – we look at information like the pages you visit, which allows us to collect and store aggregate info. This info is completely anonymous; we never put a name to it. And it gets even handier: by checking out how people interact with our page, we can create better marketing plans and much more lovely stats. So keep exploring, and let us count the ways you use our website!


By the way, this Privacy Policy only applies to what we’ve gathered ’round here? Guess that means it’s time to read up: if your explorations take you elsewhere and you seek satisfaction, remember that other websites are not part of our privacy chain. Should the urge arise, try perusing the mysterious written legal documents on those other sites. We’ll just leave the light on ’til you get back.


Professional Parts Warehouse is serious about ensuring the secure handling of all information related to you. Credit card transactions, for instance? Total lockdown: secure gateKeeper incarnate. As for online orders? We encrypt the data and hide it away in an impenetrable fortress, usin’ SSL tech so those would be Sneaky Pete’s can’t retrieve a WORD that isn’t meant for ’em.

Notification of Policy Changes:

Professional Parts Warehouse reserves the legal right to revamp its Privacy Policy — no ballots allowed! We simply post them to this special place online, and our customers shall never be behind on any updates! Keep your eyes peeled: you know what they say… things change!

Updating Personal Information:

Calling all registered customers of Your “My Account” area allows you to control your destiny, with the power to alter the most sacred documents of your identity– your personal information. Yes, tweaking your name and address is painless at; just head over to your “My Account” area and update as you see fit! Let us make this stuff easy for you, ‘cause we know how much you already have on your plate. Salud!

In Closing:

That concludes our sneak peek into security! You can sleep tight, knowing your gadgets and gizmos are now only a few clicks away. Forge ahead with confidence into the world wide web by making sensible and secure purchases! But if that’s still not enough to help you settle down, then let us do the heavy lifting; we welcome transactions made over the phone at 800-228-7569 too!

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