Aftermarket Western FLEET-FLEX WideOut Hose Kit, WIDEOUT-HOSE-KIT-FF

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This is an Aftermarket Western FLEET-FLEX WideOut Hose Kit

NOTE: This is NOT for use on the NON-Fleet Flex Plows.

This kit contains all hoses used with the Western's FLEET-FLEX WideOut Plow. 

(1) 44351 Hose, 3/8" X 38" with FJIC Ends

(2) 49467 Hose, 3/8" X 67" with FJIC Ends

(2) 49468 Hose, 3/8" X 78" with FJIC Ends

(1) 49469 Hose, 3/8" X 32" with FJIC Ends

(1) 56617 Hose, 1/4" X 16" with FJIC Ends