65416 - Western / Fisher Salt Spreader Spinner Motor for Pro-Flo, Pro-Flo2 and Speed-Caster 2500 - OEM

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This is a Genuine OE 65416 Motor 12VDC 1 and 2 Stage Boxed WP

We have an Aftermarket Available, Click HERE

This motor must be used with a 12V vehicle. It is bi-directional and has a 1/2" flat shaft.

This is Used in the Following Spreaders:

  • Western Pro-flo, Pro-flo 2, Western 2500

  • Blizzard LP-10

  • Fisher Speed-Caster 1, Speed-Caster 2, Fisher 2500

This replaces older numbers F9524, 9524, & 94989.

Total over all the motor is 10" long and 3-1/4" around, it has 4 threaded holes in the motor plate, The shaft is 1/2" with a flat spot on one side.

Alternate Part Numbers: 1-W65416, 1-F65416, B65416, 65416, 9524, 1-F9524