22123 - Western Signal Contact Pack of 10 - OEM

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This is a Genuine Western OE 22123 Signal Contacts Package of 10

This is Used on the harness for the V plow on both Western and Fisher (66610 harness and the 26346 harness)

If you need the tool to remove the pins, that is part # 66767

This is used on other plows as well, this is the same pin as a Snoway 96105370.

If you need the harness connector parts bag, Click 56496 (This was used on all the Early Western MVP V plows and Fisher EZ-V plows. These have a round 10-pin plug in the cab for the control. It is the round plug, the screws and bracket along with the removal tool)

Alternate Part Numbers: 1-W22123, 1-F22123, 22123, 96105370