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15912 - Meyer Adapter Harness Bullett Deutch - OEM

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This is a Genuine Meyer OE 15912 Adapter Harness Bullet Deutsch 

You will need this adapter to use an E58H hydraulic unit in place of an E47, E57, or E60. 

As you probably already know, Meyer discontinued most of their earlier hydraulic units (E47, E57 and E60.) The update for these pumps would be an E58H (they also had a short production of E61H pumps.) The newer pumps do have a nicer valve body and valves with weather proof connectors.

You will need harness 15912. It has a wire you need to ground and then the bullet connectors to go to the A, B, C coils Red, Black and Green.

You will, also, need to change adapters & couplers, Click HERE for the kit with this 15912, Couplers & Adapters

The new model E58H Hydraulic Units only come in H version, so if you have a Meyer Classic mount or Conventional mount they are 2" taller and you need a different lift arm to prevent it from denting the tank on the frame. Click HERE for the Lift Arm we offer.

Alternate Part Numbers: 1-M15912, 15912