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60311 Digital Truck Tire Pressure Gauge

PT-60311 $19.04

S-690 12 Inch 1/4″ FNPT Dual Head Air Chuck

S-690 $12.23

S-698 1/4″ FNPT Single Head Air Chuck with Grip

S-698 $9.99

S-925 Pencil Tire Gauge

S-925 $9.65

S-927 Dual Head Truck Tire Gauge

S-927 $14.09

S-986 Re-Calibratable Tire Pressure Service Gauge, Dual Head Straight Foot Chuck, 10-160 PSI

S-986 $28.38

W50048 18V Cordless Grease Gun with Battery

PT-W50048 $216.86

W54213 Grease Injector Needle

PT-W54213 $2.38

W54228 Lock-on Grease Coupler

PT-W54228 $53.72

W54232 Lever Action Bucket Pump Dispenser

PT-W54232 $28.22

W54234 1/8″ NPT Grease Gun Coupler

PT-W54234 $1.85

W54235 Precision Point Grease Gun

PT-W54235 $21.68

W54238 Quick Release Grease Coupler

PT-W54238 $19.76

W54268 Lever Action General Purpose Barrel Drum Pump Dispenser

PT-W54268 $39.10

W83149 A/C & Fuel Line Disconnect Set

PT-W83149 $7.89
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